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How to Be an IET Body Mechanic

Learn how to give the body a complete energy tune-up using special verbal commands that hookup the brain centers and provide deep cellular release. You can use these techniques before and during sessions. Learn how to find out what the body really "thinks" and learn to align the body’s thoughts with divine truth. This is a show and tell program!

Betty Miller

Betty retired after 33.5 years as traffic specialist @ Aeroquip, Van Wert, Ohio. Due to her own health problems, she started a quest to find the answers to return to optimum health.
Betty is a LMT, IET MI, Reiki MI , Advanced NeuroLink Practitioner, Body Talk Practitioner, Reflexology, Polarity, Advanced Quantum Touch Practitioner, Kinesology, Medical Qigong, Muscle Release Technique Practitioner and a Ortho Bionomy Practitioner.



Living My Heart’s Desire:

From Madison Avenue and Beyond

In this talk, I will share how the unfolding of my soul’s mission began when I decided to trust my intuition and quit a job at a top New York advertising agency. I will use IET’s four "Es" to bring your soul’s mission to life as a guideline. Examples of how I’ve incorporated spirituality into my advertising work and personal life to create unity will be presented.

Marcia LeBeau

Marcia LeBeau is a freelance advertising copywriter and poet living in NYC. Over the past 9 years, she has created ad campaigns for such clients as Kahlua, Courvoisier Cognac, American Cancer Society, and the Dial Corporation. Currently, she is pursuing her MFA in Writing at Vermont College and is also an IET MI, a voice over artist, a violist with the New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra, and a teacher with NYScores, an after school literacy program.  




In this workshop Maria not only shares her past life memories of the lifetime she lived in Atlantis but she traces the historical record of world events that prove that Atlantis existed off the coast of Spain. Through a blend of history and regression insight she explains where Atlantis was, why it sank, and how the Atlanteans lived. She also leads you through a wonderful process to pull limiting Atlantean crystals out of your energy field.

Maria Peterson

Maria Peterson lives in Deleno MN. Maria has been studying the mystical arts for seven years. She is an IET Master-Instructor Trainer. She became an IET Master-Instructor in 1998. She is a shaman and has been studying with Bennie LeBeau. She holds certificates for healing from the Ozark Research Institute and the Mystical Sciences Institute in Chicago. She is most proud of being the mother of Ann, Sam, Ben, and Lee and being a child of the woods.



IET and Sacred Angel Meditations

This meditation will definitely reach into the higher realms of Angelic Healing. It will be a journey that guides you into all the levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. It will be completely guided by the dimensions from above, you will be surrounded by Angels and guaranteed to feel their love, their presence, their healing, and their inspiration. You will leave this meditation remembering, "the miracle of creation that you are".

Nora Mae (Toy) Riley

Nora Mae (Toy) Riley is owner of Sacred Spaces, an Angel Gift Shop and Alternative Healing Center. Nora has been a reflexologist since 1979, she is also a Reiki Master/Instructor, Karuna Master/Instructor, Nationally certified Aromatherapist, Certified Angelight Messenger, Integrated Energy Therapy MI, Practitioner of Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch, Magnified Healing.



Songs from the Chalice

Using sound and channelled songs from the many faces of the Feminine Christ, such as ISIS, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Magdalen, and Tara, combined with our heartlinks and our intention, we will create an energetic sound healing temple. Experience a healing journey through your cellular memory areas with the power of the Goddess.

Dona Ho Lightsey

Dona Ho Lightsey has been a NYS licensed Massage Therapist for 17 yrs, teaching the Body-Mind-Spirit connection, facilitating Women's rituals, meditations w/ the Ascended Masters , devotional chant and ceremony as an interfaith Priestess. Dona combines the modalities of Massage, Energy Dowsing, Sound Healing, Serenity Vibration Healing and IET in her private practice in New Paltz, NY where she resides with her family.



Healing with Pulsed Light

This talk will discuss combining Red and Blue and Infrared pulsed light with IET to bring about dynamic transformations. I have found that by using light therapy, blockages that were previously difficult to budge are dynamically transformed. Come and feel the difference light can make. Demonstration and hands on experience of this exciting healing technology will be offered.

Melanie Crawford

Melanie Crawford is a Holistic Health Practitioner an IET MI specializing in Energetic Medicine (gadgets and gizmos as well as hands on modalities), a certified Sivananda yoga instructor, a singer/song writer, and a mother of three of the "new" variety of children. (A very full and busy life indeed). Her business in Hudson, NY , "Hudson Holistic Health" has been open since 2001 and is constantly evolving to include the most advanced energetic modalities available on the planet today.



IET Exorcism: Recognizing Who Could Be In There (Besides Your Client)

I will teach you how to Recognize / Identify "extras" on board the body, in all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Also, ways to remove detrimental spirits. I will also discuss why some one might want to keep the entity. I will explain how to use specific Angelic Help with removal of entities etc. As we all know - IET is an evolutionary process, which is adapted to the individual client.

Twink Miller

Twink is an IET MI and Practitioner since 1999, Reiki Master Instructor, Quantum Touch practitioner, Neuro Link Advanced Practitioner, Akashic Record Level 1 Consultant, and some Polarity training. She has been an RN since 1969, and is now working in a Rehabilitation and Transitional Care unit at St. Rita’s Medical Center and Studied Chinese Taoist Medical QiGong in 1998. Student of Power of Thought Schools @ ORI in Fayetteville, Arkansas.



IET and Essential Oils

The marketplace is flooded with the words "essential oils" - they’re being touted every time we turn around - in cosmetics, magazines, medical articles and news - just everywhere. What to do? How to select the best? What the {bleep} ARE they and what do you do with them, anyhow? We’ll talk about what they are, how they are manufactured, criteria for selecting a safe high-quality "therapeutic" grade oil, and many different ways to use oils. How do they perform with an energy modality and how can they be incorporated in your IET practice? Learn how to use specific oils and more.

Yvonne Wilder

Yvonne has been interested in scents since she was a young child and has been using essential oils on herself and others for over 12 years. She is an interfaith minister, IET MI, Reiki Master, Vibrational Therapist certified to teach tuning fork modalities, and works with aromatherapy, crystals, different sound modalities, and various channeled energies in her practice. She is based in Woodstock, NY - the woods and sacred mountains of the beautiful Hudson Valley.



IET and Prosperity Consciousness

We will explore working with self and others using the IET cellular map, integration points, and empowerment affirmations to enhance awareness of our relationship to prosperity. It is interesting to see how those nine areas often correlate with the "issues" people have around money/prosperity and then how they can break through and expand. Many requests for Angelic support pertain to "money" problems in addition to relationship and health issues. Find out how to break through and create prosperity!

Robin Schwoyer

Robin has a dual degree in Finance and Marketing and is an ordained minister in the Episcopal Church. She serves on the B of D for the CHI as chair of Marketing and Fundraising. Her experience includes district management for 7-11 stores developing and implementing franchise business plans, program dvlpmt for small churches and 2 small businesses. Robin is a Spiritual director, IET MI, Reiki Master Teacher and certified reflexologist. She and some artist associates recently created Across the Rainbow - Supporting the Autism Spectrum Community through Art.



IET and Shamanism

The focus of shamanic practices vary so I will be borrowing the language of Alberto Villoldo, Inca shaman trained in Peru. He talks about the "luminous energy field" surrounding the body and "imprints" (blocks) which have to be "extracted" (pulled out) - a very similar concept to IET. This talk will help people understand the similarities of shamanism and IET and how to incorporate both of them into a session. Come ready to experience the world’s oldest profession, healing through spirit, in small groups.

Mary Stringos

Mary practices Spirit Medicine in Montpelier, VT. She is an IET MI at heart and incorporates other modalities such as past-life regression therapy and shamanism into her practice. She likes shamanism because it gives her the big picture on healing with spirit. Mary has three boys and is very involved in the Waldorf spiritual education movement.


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