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What exactly is an IET Trainer?

To begin with, the IET Trainer level is different in many ways from the IET Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master-Instructor levels.

IET Trainers are the only teachers authorized by The Center of Being, Inc. to teach our IET Master-Instructor training classes.

Unlike IET Master-Instructors, IET Trainers do not work independently of The Center of Being, Inc. Rather, IET Trainers work under contract as independent contractors for The Center of Being, Inc. when they teach our Master-Instructor Classes. Please note, the title "IET Trainer" is only valid while an individual is under contract with The Center of Being, Inc. and the title can no longer be used if and when the individual's contract has ended. And an individual can no longer teach our IET Master-Instructor class once their contract has ended.

How are IET Trainers Selected?

We believe that IET Trainers should be those Master-Instructors who have the most IET teaching experience. Therefore, in our Trainer selection process, we start by considering those Master-Instructors who have received our Top Teacher Award for the most years. Note that we also expect Trainers to continue to teach, and continue to be Top Teachers, although they are no longer recognized in the "Top 30" list of Teachers, which we reserve only for Master-Instructors.

We review this "Top of the Top" set of Master-Instructors and look in detail for those who have:

bullet The highest overall lifetime IET teaching record.
bullet Exemplary feedback from their IET students.
bullet An established positive working relationship with The Center of Being.

Then we extend our selection process to business considerations including that they have (or do):

bullet An established business entity (corporation or DBA)
bullet Demonstrated proficiency in computer communication such as email, cyber advertisements, and professional business correspondence.
bullet Exhibited a high level of professionalism in their business operation including advertising, lecturing, and teaching.
bulletTeach in an area with a large enough IET student population to warrant an additional IET Trainer.

Will additional Trainers be added in the future?

It is likely that as the IET community continues to grow and expand geographically that adding additional Trainers to our Center of Being teaching staff will be warranted.

We will revisit the question of additional IET Trainers towards the end of each year and, based on our experience with our current Trainer expansion program, and the demand for IET Trainer support that is required in the IET community, we will decide each year whether or not to add additional Trainers.



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Last modified: March 09, 2016