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Several recent articles have been published related to IET.  To read one of these articles, simply click on the name of the article below.


The "Issues" in your Tissues by Jo Homar, published in Natural Nutmeg, Feb 2014 edition.


Integrated Energy Therapy® : Van angst en stress naar kracht en levensvoldoening! by Mieke Michielsen (written in Dutch). July 2011.


What is IET? An article written by Hilary Morgan, of Co. Galway in support of MI Instructor, Edmond Carroll. Aug 2010.


What is.... Integrated Energy Therapy?, published in Soul and Spirit Magazine, in the UK, April 2008.  Article about IET and IET Master-Instructor Gilly Workman.


Article about Gilly Workman and her IET experiences, published in Kindred Spirits Magazine Jan 08, England.


A Spiritual Approach To Parenting by Sherrie Wharton MA, OTR/L, published on the Indigo Dreams website, 4/17/2007 (


Integrated Energy Therapy: La Technique d'Energie Integree ou Reprogrammation Cellulaire, by Angelique. Published in "La Gazette de l'esoterisme" magazine in Spring 2007.


Integrated Energy Therapy by Michelle McCarthy

This article was published in "Creative Essence"; Spring 2007 edition


Article Soleil Levant Avril by Delphine Morizot (note: this article is in French, and is captured as a graphic)


From Engineer to Angels by Jane Glesne


Integrating the Gift of Reiki into your IET Sessions by Hallie Sawyers


Operation Joy by Jayne Milak-Dempsey

This article was published in THE STARTING POINT NEWS; Fall, 2002.


Energize Our Schools with Integrated Energy Therapy by Jayne Milak-Dempsey

Written Feb 19, 2003 2002.


Introducing Integrated Energy Therapy by Jayne Milak-Dempsey

This article was published in THE STARTING POINT NEWS; Winter, 2001/2002.


Integrated Energy Therapy(IET), The Next Level... To Heal With the Energy of Angels by Randy Blair

This article will be published in Canada in the near future.


Change Your Life with Integrated Energy Therapy by Sharon Yeskel

This article will be published in the Jersey Shore Holistic Magazine; March-June, 2002.


Felician Teacher Helps People Discover the Healing Power of Having an Angel  by John Dyer

This article was published in the Herald News; November 26, 2001.


Integrated Energy Therapy ® by Gloria Coppola

This article was published in Inner Realm magazine in September, 1999.


Working with Angels And Integrated Energy Therapy

by Jason Scherer, News Correspondent for The Caledonian-Record.  This article was published Thursday, August 5, 1999.


The Energy to Heal 

by Karen Fairman, published in The Delaware Valley Wellness Network newsletter – "Your Wellness Link, Vol 1, No. 1 February 2000"


The Energy to Heal:  Integrated Energy Therapyâ (IET)

By:  Rita H. Maute.  This article was published in August, 2000 in the "Spirit of Tribe" magazine. Updated Aug, 2006. Updated again Sept, 2008.


"Energy Therapy - Andrew Weil's New Frontier"

By:  Cathy O'Connell.from DESERT ANGEL NEWS, A Publication of Center of Spirit, Volume I, Issue I Feb 2001.