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Our website contains the world-wide directory of IET Master-Instructors.

With over 2,350 Master-Instructors in over 30 countries, we have created several search features to help you find an IET Master-Instructor for IET sessions or IET classes in an area near you.

There are four ways to search for an instructor:

- By Country - Find a Master-Instructor by entering the name of the country in which they teach

- By U.S. State - within the U.S., by the name of the state in which they teach 

- By Province or County - outside the U.S., by the name of the province or county in which they teach

- By the last name of the instructor - just type in the Master-Instructor's last name (or the beginning of it)


Please note: IET Master-Instructors list their emails in this directory so that prospective students and clients can contact them by email to inquire about their availability for IET sessions and/or classes.  Please do not use the emails listed in this directory or on our website for any other purpose.


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Last modified: March 09, 2016