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The following is a list of IET for Pets classes that are being offered by Master Instructors with the ability to list classes on this website.  For more contact information on those Masters who are listed below, please click here to go to "Find an Instructor".

Note that we have introduced a new class offering:

1) A Basic/iIET for Pets "Combined" class (referred to as Basic Combined on the first day and as IET for Pets Combined on the second day listed below) - it is a two day class combining the Basic Level and IET for Pets classes in a more integrated offering. You must sign up for both days (it is a two day offering).  If you are interested in a normal one-day IET for Pets class, please look for that listing below (without the word Combined). Attending an IET Basic Level class is a pre-requisite for attending the one-day IET for Pets class.

Class Date(mm/dd/yy) Country State City Start End Fee Instructor Contact
IET_for_Pets 12/12/2015 USA Fl St. Augustine 10 am 4 pm $125 Nancy Cohen 970-875-7114
IET_for_Pets 12/27/2015 USA PA Doylestown 9:30 am 5:00 pm $125. Wendi Rose
IET_for_Pets 3/20/2016 Netherlands N-H Hilversum 10:00 17:00 € 135,00 Lisette-Anne Volker
IET_for_Pets 4/24/2016 USA NJ East Brunswick 10:00am 6:00pm $125 Alice Rich mailto:




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Last modified: November 23, 2015