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Angel Dog (Linda's dog)

Our IET for Pets Training class:  

Prerequisites: Students must complete our Basic Level Integrated Energy Therapy® training class in order to take this class.

Description: Our IET for Pets class was developed for people with pets as well as people without pets who love animals. Our objective in designing this class was to focus on cats, dogs, and horses and to teach how to offer a complete Basic Level IET session to these wonderful creatures. The cellular memory in animals is in some ways similar to that of human beings, but is in many ways different. This class explores the soul’s mission of these three types of pets (through information channeled from Angel Ariel), details their nine cellular memory areas, their IET integration points, and the complete step-by-step session procedures. Only IET Master-Instructors are authorized to teach this class.

Class Length: 1 day (approx. 7.5 hours). This class is designed to be taught in one day, and typically runs from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. The actual length and times of class vary by individual Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructors.

Home Study: A home study course for "IET for Pets" is now available.  You must have completed the Basic Level IET training to take this course.  While we continue to encourage you to take the IET for Pets course from a Master-Instructor when available, we understand that this may not always be possible.  CE hours are not available for taking the home study course.

Class Materials: you will receive a fully illustrated 38 page Integrated Energy Therapy® IET for Pets Guide and an official Integrated Energy Therapy® IET for Pets Certificate.

CE hours: 8.0 NCBTMB CE Contact Hours are available for the IET for Pets class when the class is taught by an IET Master-Instructor who has registered with The Center of Being to grant CE hours for their IET classes. Please consult with your Master-Instructor to determine whether they are registered to be able to offer CE hours for this class. CE hours are not available for the IET for Pets home study course.

To see IET for Pets classes that are currently scheduled, click HERE.

IET for Pets Home Study Course

This home study course is now available!  The course consists of the IET for Pets manual, along with three audio CD's - one covering cats, one covering dogs, and one covering horses (note: the 3 audio CD's are part of the total program and cannot be purchased separately).  To purchase the home study course please go to our IET Products page. Note that CE hours are not available for this home study course.

Pictures, Stories and Testimonials:

Cindy doing IET on her dog in Sedona, AZ.

I spent today at our local animal shelter. This seems like the perfect complement to my work.  I wanted to have a bunch of animals to try it out on. So I called up the animal shelter and explained what I wanted to do. I was thankful that they were receptive. I figured I would just go there and play it by ear. They gave me some suggestions on who they thought were the neediest but ultimately I left the decisions up to the animals. I figured that the animals in a shelter situation would be a good test. I had to climb into their cages with them. I only had time to work with dogs but I have several cats I am going to work absentee on. Initially they were very excited and animated. I massaged and soothed. 

As soon as I started with #1, they began to change, some more subtly than others but the just began to melt and get quiet! When I got to the heart they all had to take a break. Then without exception #s 7,8 and 9 were the toughest. They all squirmed, it took quite a lot to finish. The last dog I worked with I had to stop and will finish him absentee. Very interesting but it makes sense under the circumstances. The first dog I had to pull out guilt, distrust and also threat but he had no difficulty with my raised hand.

I also worked with some flower essences. It was great because I could also talk a little to them and got a sense of some of their issues and personalities. The anxiety level in the shelter setting is incredible. I plan to return and work some more.

-- Barbara Molloy, Master-Instructor from Johnson, VT


As healing channels for the IET energy when we help our animals as well as other people's we must also remember to include the human counterpart. Animals are so sensitive and take on so much of our "stuff" we need to help the owner clear their issues as well. 

IET for pets feels so natural to me. Even as a small child I was always tending to the healing of some animal in my life. I would lay my tiny little hands on different parts of their body where I was drawn to and pray to God and the angels to make them well again. There were times where the animal passed on and I soon learned that even though sad I was still helping the animal in some way. 

Communicating with animals has always been second nature to me. We have done Reiki on animals for years. When IET for pets came along I was so anxious to try it on my own cats and ferrets. I found out quickly that most would not sit more than a few minutes. I would then heartlink and continue the work at a distance as they ran around the room. 

I have noticed now that I have started to heal on a deeper level with IET my own issues, that my animals are more receptive to healing work and will actually come to me now to be worked on. They too were trying so hard to process things through them to serve me.

Animals are such a great lesson for us. When we work with our own pets as well as others we need to also work on ourselves as well as the pets human family. The animals take on so much to help us release. They are a gift to love and healing to us.

Bless and give thanks to all the animals each day for they serve us well.

-- Debra Evans,  Master-Instructor from Douglasville, PA

(note: the picture is of one of the students in an IET for Pets class that Debra and Barry taught)





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