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Advances In Integrated Energy Therapy

For details on each technique, please click the link below:

Energy Vortex

IET Vision

The IET Steps to Transformation:

Step 1: Heartlink with Your Angel

Step 2: 12 Strand DNA

Step 3: Clearing Karma

Step 4: The IET Forgiveness Process

Step 5: Empowered Heart

Step 6: Future Life Progression

Step 7: The IET Freedom Process

Cutting the Cords of Codependency

IET Power Steps to Transformation

WAG Healing Processes (Steps 8 thru 10)

Step 11: Homecoming - Journey to Unity

Step-11: Homecoming - Journey to Unity

Step 12: Unity in Action - The Crystal Key

Step-12: Unity in Action - The Crystal Key

Step 13: The IET Ascension Process

Step-13: The IET Ascension Process




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