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The internet is such a wonderful source of information. As we come across other interesting websites, we will add links to make it easy for you to explore. Enjoy!

Websites of our Trainers: - Website of Master Instructor Trainer Edmond Carroll : Master-Instructor Maria Henke's website. Master-Instructor Keith Horwitz's website. - Website of Master Instructor Trainer Maria Kramer. : Master-Instructor Tina Marie's website. - Website of Master Instructor Trainer Michelle McCarthy. - Master-Instructor Gretta Murphy's website. - Website of Master Instructor Trainer Angelika Niedling. - Website of Master Instructor Trainers Leon Pelletier and Phoenix Rising Star. - Website of Master Instructor Trainer Maria Peterson. - Master-Instructor Suzy Kaethoven's website. - website of IET Advanced level graduate, Kat Katsanis - Website of Master Instructor Raven Star Merrill. She has a meditation CD (called Unveiling your Guardian Godess) for sale that might be of interest. Master Instructor Sinead Sugrue's holistic center. The Martinstown Centre nestles in the Kildare (Ireland) country side on a farm and is a place of great peace and tranquillity . : Wil Langford, an Advanced Level IET student, recently wrote a book about human consciousness based on his experiences as a clinical hypnotherapist, IET therapist and consciousness explorer. : exploration into near death experiences and problems that the earth is facing : Jennifer Clark and Sylvie Brule have co-authored a series of children's picture books with a character called Mimi The Angel. : MI Sharlette Pumphrey's website

Book: "My Gift of Light: A Bereaved Mother's Loving Pilgrimage from Skeptic to Psychic Medium" (about Master Instructor Sharlette Pumphrey): by Sandy Wiltshire.  Available through : IET Master Instructor Angelique's webpage : Anne Twohig and Susan Fitzgerald's Deep Relaxation CD's : Diane Moura's business - Raising kids naturally. Breastfeeding supplies, organic swaddle blankets, safe organic and wood toys, organic food, EMF protection, childrens natural supplements, organic baby skin care, natural dental care, safe food preparation, air purifiers, water purifiers, natural exercise. (Feng Shui Healing) : Betty deMaye-Caruth RN, PhD's center