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Stevan J. Thayer Carol Armitage

Stevan is the founding director of The Center of Being, Inc. He is an ordained Interfaith Minister, a certified Reiki Master, the creator of Integrated Energy Therapy®, a Master Instructor Trainer, the author of Interview with an Angel, and a channel for Angel Ariel. He and his wife Carol (pictured to the right) have been married for over 30 years.  You can contact Steve at . To visit his webpage, click HERE.

Carol is the co-director of The Center of Being. She is the webmaster for our websites and organizes our classes and workshops. She is a semi-retired telecom executive, sits on the Board of Directors of several high tech firms, and volunteers time through SCORE (the service core of retired execs). She often travels with Steve to interesting class locations!  You can contact Carol at .


Edmond Carroll Maria Henkes Keith Horwitz

Edmond is a certified IET Master Instructor Trainer and is located in Athboy, Co. Meath, Ireland and he is married to Goretti, with two grown children and two grandchildren.  He was actively involved in the Retail Grocery Trade for over 35 years in Dublin and Meath. Learning IET has provided him with the opportunity and techniques to develop and share his many gifts, and to support students in realizing their goals and dreams.  He became an IET Master-Instructor in 2003. He is also a Certified Fetac Level 6 Life Coach and Certified "Train the Trainer" Graduate.  Edmond has taught many IET Classes throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.  He is always happy and available to support his IET students and MI's by Email, Skype, or Facebook. He is a certified Laughing Yoga Leader which he shares with his students in building confidence and empowerment. You can contact Edmond by email at To visit his webpage, click HERE.

Maria is is a certified IET Master Instructor Trainer, and founding Director of Engelenheling (angel healing) located in Abbekerk, the Netherlands. The day after her Basic, Intermediate and Advanced IET class in 2007, everything magically opened up for her. That very same day she had a name for her practice, a website and a brochure and that is how it all started. Two months later she became an IET Master-Instructor. Now she has an extensive IET teaching record and has received our Top Teacher award more than five times. Maria is also a Certified Medium and Mediumship Teacher, and an Angel Therapy Practitioner. She loves to give Satsang and to work with the IET Steps to Transformation, all to help people remember the shining, beautiful Divine beings they truly are. You can contact Maria at or to visit her webpage, click HERE.

Keith is a certified IET Master Instructor Trainer and has been an IET Master-Instructor since 2002, and a top teacher for many years. He is both a Practitioner and Instructor. He is the co-creator of Aum & Garden, a metaphysical store in California which sells gifts and books, as well as hosting spiritual events and serving as a resource for the community. He graduated from the Agape University in 2007 and is an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (ALSP). He loves animals, and from 2007 became team leader for the Animal Kinschip Ministry (AKM) at Agape. Since 2008 he is certified as an Evolutionary Astrologer. In 2010 he studied with Doreen Virtue in Hawaii and receiving my certification as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® (ATP). In 2012 Keith received his Agape ministerial license after completing a four year  study of world religions, metaphysics, mysticism and quantum science. During his entire journey his Angels and the gift of IET have been central to his practice and path of transformation and enlightenment. You can contact Keith at or to visit his webpage, click HERE.



Maria Kramer Tina Marie Michelle A. McCarthy

Maria is the founding Director of The Empowered Heart Center located in Westbury, NY, USA. Maria has been an IET Trainer since 2012, and became an IET Master-Instructor in 2003. She is also an ordained Interfaith Minister and New Earth Unity Consciousness Teacher. She is the author of two books: "Prayers to Awaken Peace and Love", "The Chakra Journey" and the CD "Healing Pyramid Meditation". Maria facilitates Angel classes and Self-Ascension events throughout the year. She has an extensive IET teaching record and has been one of our top IET Master-Instructors for five years.  You can contact Maria by email at To visit her webpage, click HERE.

Tina is a certified IET Master Instructor Trainer and began her IET training in January of 2007, became an IET Master-Instructor in March of 2007, and began teaching IET classes in 2008. Her extensive IET teaching in the USA and Canada has earned her one of our Top 30 Instructors awards six times and our Instructor of the Year award two times. In addition to being an IET Master-Instructor, Tina Marie is a Reiki Master, an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium, a Licensed Spiritual Counselor, Kundalini yoga instructor, and host of the Magic Hour on

Tina Marie's mission is to share the beauty and simplicity of communicating with the Angelic realm including communicating with animals living or in Spirit. She has taught thousands of students in over 20 countries in Angel, Mediumship and Energy Healing programs. You can contact Tina Marie at or learn more on her webpage, by clicking HERE.

The owner of The Heart to Heart Healing Connection in West Springfield, MA,  Michelle has been a Reiki Master Teacher since 1999 and an IET Master Instructor since 2002. She has been a Top IET Instructor since 2005 and a certified IET Master Instructor Trainer since 2011. Regardless of what particular class she is teaching in Integrated Energy Therapy, her passion for this work is unmistakable. She finds great joy in mentoring all levels of practitioners - whether it's in supporting students in their personal practices, with their client sessions or by supporting the Master Instructor as s/he steps into teaching.  She is proud to be "Jennifer's Mom" and "Joseph's Nana".    Contact Michelle at michellemccarthy@learniet.comTo visit her webpage, click HERE.


Gretta Murphy

Angelika Niedling

Leon Pelletier

Gretta is a certified IET Master Instructor Trainer and has been working as an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor for well over 15 years, and has over two decades of experience in a range of healing modalities which include, Reiki, Ki-Massage, Reflexology, Bio-Energy, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Magnified Healing and Access Consciousness Bars.  It is IET however, that works miraculously in Gretta’s life and she has taught it extensively in Ireland, Belgium, Spain and throughout the Australian continent.  Gretta has received The Top IET Teacher Award consecutively since 2003. She is an International Spiritual Teacher and the founding director of the Croi Na Feile Healing Centre, Tramore, Co.Waterford. She is the author of the book “I Chose My Life!” redefining our life after death experience and revealing our souls’ ultimate purpose.  You can contact Gretta at or to visit her webpage, click HERE.

Angelika is a certified IET Master Instuctor Trainer and has been a top teacher since 2009. Angelika is the founding Director of Simply Angelika located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She became an IET Master-Instructor in 2008, and is also a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, a Past Life Regression Therapist, and a Certified Bars Facilitator. You can contact Angelika by email at To visit her webpage, click HERE.

Leon is a certified IET Master Instructor Trainer, and Top IET Master Instructor since 2006. He and Phoenix are co-directors/founders of HeartWalk Healing and Training: no longer a destination but a journey! in Sedona, AZ.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. He is a dowser, reflexologist, Medicine Wheel Workshop facilitator,  angelic intercessor and grandfather.  You can contact Leon at: To visit his webpage, click HERE.



Maria Peterson

Phoenix Rising Star

Maria is a certified IET Master Instructor Trainer, and also certified in healing techniques from the Ozark Research Institute in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She has studied at the Mystical Sciences Institute with Billie Topa Tate in Chicago, Illinois and holds a certificate in Basic Dowsing from the American Society of Dowsers. In December of 1999, she opened her business, Circle of Quiet. She lives in Delano, Minnesota with her dog Puck. You can contact Maria at  . To visit her webpage, click HERE.

Phoenix is a certified IET Master Instructor Trainer, and Top IET Master Instructor since 2006.  She and Leon are co-directors/founders of HeartWalk Healing and Training in Sedona, AZ.:  bringing Sedona energies to you!  Phoenix is the author of The Energy Pyramid and has been a contributing author for The Spirit of Maat, Drunvalo Melchizedek’s web magazine. She is a Reiki and Seichem Master,a shamanic healer and practitioner, and angel channeler.  You can contact Phoenix at: To visit her webpage, click HERE.



Barbara Stepniak

Debbie Haubrich

Barbara is Vice President of The Center of Being, Inc.  She is responsible for all of our product sales, class/event registration & preparation, account management, and answering the phone (most days).  She is also an IET Master-Instructor and knowledgeable about all things IET. If she cannot answer your question, she WILL find out the answer and get back to you.  Barbara lives in the Saugerties area. You can contact Barbara at .

Debbie does database entry, as well as other computer tasks.  When you send in your class lists, Debbie is the one who has to read them! You can contact Debbie at .



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