MI Retreat 2005

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Pictures of the Event can be seen by clicking HERE.

Speakers from the Friday special lectures are listed on this page. Click HERE to see what was included. To go directly to the ordering page, click HERE.

On Friday night, we went on a Shamanic Journey with Maria Peterson.. Click HERE to purchase a copy of the audio tape and go on your own journey to meet your "power angel"!

Stevan led us through a process on Saturday called the "Sacred Relationships" process which was recorded onto a two-CD set.  You can order this set, by clicking HERE.

Steve has also created a written summary of the process. It is in the "For Instructor's Only Section". Click HERE to access it (if you are a Master Instructor).

Stevan Thayer channeled Ariel in an "Evening with an Angel" on Saturday night. You can buy the tape to listen to what was said (90 min). Click HERE.




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