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Master Instructor Retreat(s) 2010



October 9th, 2010 in Dublin, Ireland,

October 23rd in Ottawa, Canada and Sedona, AZ,

and October 30th in Mahwah, NJ


9:30am - 5:30pm


The Key to this Retreat is in the Crystal Key!

The heart of our 2010 IET Master-Instructor Retreat is the new IET "Unity in Action" Process in which you will obtain your personal Crystal Key from the 4th level of the angelic realm that can unlock your Heart's Code and bring you into Unity In Action. To read a channeled message from Ariel about Unity in Action, click here.


You will also have the opportunity to Experience The IET Homecoming Process, and strengthen your energetic connection to the Pure Joy and Compassion Processes.


As always you will be able to:

Meet and interact with your Angel Family

Make new friends  

Accelerate the Journey of your Soul 

Enjoy a great lunch

Have the chance to Ask Angel Ariel your question as Stevan channels Ariel's answer during our "Interview with An Angel" 


You Deserve A Treat: the Retreat offers you time to relax, heal, expand, and meet new friends, as well as networking with friends from previous years! It's a good time to catch up with what's been happening.


Date Location Presenter(s)


October 9




Stevan Thayer and Carol Armitage


October 23




Karen Puglia

October 23



Maria Peterson


October 30




Stevan Thayer and Carol Armitage



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