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Master Instructor Retreats 2012



October 6th, 2012 in Dublin, Ireland,

October 8th in Oldenburg, IN

October 20th in Mahwah, NJ

November 3rd in Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands

November 11th in Schoten, Belgium and West Springfield, MA,

November 17th in Ottawa, ON, Canada

December 2 in Sartell, MN and Westbury, NY


December 12th in Sedona, AZ


9:30am - 5:30pm


2012 is the Year of the Ascension!


As channeled from Angel Ariel through Stevan Thayer last year:

(to read the full message CLICK HERE)

The Unity wave will flood your world for just over one of your years and will culminate on your calendar date of December 12, 2012. During this interval you will be able to repeatedly align yourself with the Unity energy, make the Unity Shift part of your daily life, and live your life in the Dimension of Love.

The most powerful way to align yourself with the Unity energy is by heartlinking first to your angels and then to the World Angel Grid. The World Angel Grid is a 10-layer fabric of angelic energy that makes angelic energy readily available to anyone who connects to it. The Unity wave will travel powerfully through the World Angel Grid. Whenever you heartlink to the World Angel Grid from 11:11:11 to 12:12:12 you will tap into the powerful flow of Unity energy. For optimal results, once you are Heartlinked to your angels and to the energy of Unity through the World Angel Grid it is best to enter into a state of Homecoming through our Homecoming process and then use your Crystal Key to unlock your Heartís Code through our Unity in Action process. Then, simply surrender and allow yourself to enter into alignment with the energy of Unity. When you feel the peace, love, joy, equanimity, and aliveness flowing in your heart, you will know that you have made the shift.

As always you will be able to:

Meet and interact with your Angel Family

Make new friends  

Accelerate the Journey of your Soul 

Enjoy a great lunch

Have the chance to Ask Angel Ariel your question as Stevan channels Ariel's answer during our "Interview with An Angel" 


You Deserve A Treat: the Retreat offers you time to relax, heal, expand, and meet new friends, as well as networking with friends from previous years! It's a good time to catch up with what's been happening.


Note: To see pictures of each Retreat after it has been held, click on the links below. The pictures are at the top of the page.


Date Location Presenter(s)


October 6




Stevan Thayer and Carol Armitage
October 8


Maria Peterson


October 20




Stevan Thayer and Carol Armitage

November 3


Annelies Hoornik
November 11


Michelle McCarthy
November 11


Mieke Michielsen

November 17

OTTAWA, ON Angelika Niedling
December 2


Maria Peterson
December 2 WESTBURY, NY Maria Kramer

December 12



Leon Pelletier and Phoenix Rising Star



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