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About IET Classes
    Basic Level
    Intermediate Level
    Advanced Level

             More about "The Secret"
    Master-Instructor Level

    IET for Pets
    IET for Kids
    Healing Angels

        a list of the nine Healing Angels

        with channeled messages

    Steps to Transformation

    IET Special Events covers all other IET classes and offerings

    MI Retreats

     2013 (all locations)

     2012 (all locations)

     2010 (all locations)

     2008 (all locations)



     2005 (US)

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Find a Master-Instructor

    Top 30 in 2012
    Featured Instructors (for those MI's who

    list their classes on our website)

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Advances in IET
    IET Energy Processes

        Heartlink with Your Angel

        12 Strand DNA

        Clearing Karma

        The IET Forgiveness Process

        Empowered Heart

        Future Life Progression

        IET Power Steps to Transformation

        The IET Freedom Process:

        Cutting the Cords of Codependency

        Energy Vortex

        IET Vision

        World Angel Grid


Information about IET

        Articles About IET

            What is... Integrated Energy Therapy?

            Article about Gilly Workman and her IET Experiences

            A Spiritual Approach to Parenting

            Integrated Energy Therapy

            Article Soleil Levant Avril

            From Engineer to Angels

            Integrating the Gift of Reiki into your IET sessions

            Operation Joy

            Energize Our Schools with IET

            Introducing IET

            IET, the Next Level... To Heal with the Energy of Angels

            Change your life with IET

            Felician Teacher Helps People

            Discover the Healing Power of Having an Angel

            Integrated Energy Therapy

            Working with Angels and IET

            The Energy To Heal

            The Energy To Heal: IET

            Energy Therapy - Andrew Weil's New Frontier


        The Journal of Energy Therapy

             go to this page to see previous journals (2002 to 2011)

Information about IET (cont)


       Cyber Journals

             Part1: Cellular Memory

             Part2: Human Energy Field

             5-min Empowerment


             Having a Practice Partner

             The Four E's


     Measuring Results

            A Case Study

            A Pilot Program




     Information for IET Practitioners


     What is an IET Trainer?


     IET Teleconferences


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Details about IET Master-Instructor Classes

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     Photos from Master-Instructor Classes


Information for IET Practitioners

     this is where we compile information that might be helpful

     to practitioners of IET


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For Instructors Only Section

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