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Many IET Master-Instructors are hosting offerings in addition to the standard IET classes.  Contact the instructor listed on the schedule page for more details.  A short generic description of each is given below (but details of the actual class given will vary):

IET Festival of Angelic Light days: a day hosted by one or more IET Master-Instructors, open to all IET students, and filled with IET energy, techniques, sharing, and self-healing processes.

IET Refresher Class: a way for anyone who has ever taken a Basic, Intermediate and/or Advanced Level IET class to brush up on the tools and techniques you learned when you took the class (no additional certificate is awarded for this class).    If offered by teleconference, no attunement is included.  You must have graduated from the highest level that is being offered in the IET Refresher class.

Energy Share: a get-together of energy workers to practice techniques and provide support to each other. Practice sessions often held. Reiki, IET, and other energy techniques are usually practiced.  Usually a two or three hour meeting, often held on a regular basis (like once/month).

IET Share: same as an energy share, but focused only on IET.  Sometimes, a process such as the Blessing Bowl ceremony is added to the meeting.

IET Practitioner's Practice: for anyone who has ever taken a Basic, Intermediate and/or Advanced Level IET class and is interested in developing their IET techniques by giving and receiving treatments and sharing experiences. 

IET Masters Share: a get-together of IET Master-Instructors to practice techniques and provide support to each other. Similar format to the above; however, some techniques require being a Master-Instructor, so this Share is only open to Masters.

IET Practitioner Teleconf: for anyone who has ever taken a Basic, Intermediate and/or Advanced Level IET class and is interested in practicing IET.  There will be a topic of interest for discussion on each call, inviting input from the practitioners on the call and a sharing of ideas, and then ending with a process to support the practitioners on the call (such as a heartnet to manifest more clients).

IET Masters Teleconf: for all Master-Instructors, this is a forum to share ideas and issues with each other. A process will also be included in each call, to support the Master-Instructors attending.

Intro to IET: typically a one or two hour lecture introducing the concepts of Integrated Energy Therapy.

Intro to Healing Angels: typically a few hour lecture introducing the concepts of the Healing Angels of the Energy Field. For more details about the Healing Angels, click here.

Full IET World Angel Grid Power Healing Process class: typically an hour or two.  Start with the 5-minute WAG healing process and then proceed through the Power Steps to Transformation.  For more details click here (bottom of page with additional link).

Sacred Relationships class: typically an hour or two. The process was created at the 2005 MI Retreat. Through this process you will learn to:

- test the sacred energy potential of your relationship

- increase the sacredness of existing relationships

- attract new sacred relationships

- and live your life more sacredly.

World Angel Grid Party: typically 2-3 hours, following one or more phases of the World Angel Grid (WAG) process. Usually open to all IET students (Phase 1 can only be followed by Master-Instructors).

Vison Board Workshop: typically several hours.  The IET Advanced Level Class is a pre-requisite to taking the Vision Board workshop. Students will construct a physical Vision Board, and use IET techniques to manifest that vision.


Note that the Steps to Transformation classes that used to be listed on this page have been moved to their own page! Click here for more information.

To see IET special events that are currently scheduled, click HERE.



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