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Calling all IET® practitioners and Master Instructors!

Join us for FREE IET teleconferences/webinars


These teleconferences are intended to help you:
    ◦    Connect even more profoundly with the Healing Angels of the Energy Field and your soul's purpose/heart's desires
    ◦    Channel greater amounts of angelic energy as you raise your vibration
    ◦    Utilize live group energy to co-create for everyone's highest good and healing
    ◦    Help you be the best you can be--beyond your wildest imagination

These calls will NOT be recorded because these are IET® processes (copy written). To receive the greatest benefit, be a part of our live audience and add your energy to the event.

Several of our IET Master-Instructor Trainers are offering these events. Click below (or on their picture) for more details:


Blessing Bowl Teleconferences

offered in English

for anyone interested

Various Topics

offered in English

for Master-Instructors only


Schedule (2015):

  Thursday, Jan. 1 @ 10 AM PT
  Wednesday, April 1 @ 1PM PT
  Monday, June 1 @ 6PM PT
  Tuesday, Sept 1 @ 10AM PT
  Tuesday, Dec. 1 @ 1PM PT


click here for more details

Schedule (2014):

Tuesday, February 11 


Tuesday, March 11


Tuesday, April 8 


Tuesday, May  14


Tuesday, June 10


Tuesday, July 8


Tuesday, August 12


Tuesday, September 9


Tuesday, October 7


Tuesday, November 11


Tuesday, December 9

click here for more details and sign in to the "For Instructors Only" section (this call is for MI's)






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Last modified: December 17, 2014